So Sweaty

What started as a mildly warm morning. Turned into a sweltering heat by 3pm. Maybe wearing these wool leggings wasn’t such a good idea. Today’s activity is going for a long stroll through Bute Park. Bumping into a familiar face doing a charity run. Finding a grey fluffy rabbit bag in Blue Banana and buying accessories for the bag. I don’t know why. And sitting in my favourite coffee spot.

Day of chilling

I had set my alarm for 10 am even thou I didn’t go to sleep until 2 am. I woke up at 8 am. So as not to sleep at stupid o’clock time. I’m going to try and sleep at a reasonable time. First thing is to get all thoughts out of my head. I’m going to attempt a early wake up. Don’t know if it will work.

So It’s Begins-Period Addition

It’s that time again. The low energy, tube squeezing, carb craving, river stix, period hell. The visit from aunt flo. (Slightly over exaggerating) but that’s how it feels. But. Its just life. There are ways to manage it. I like to do things more positively and break the self pitying cycle. I bring aminition. Dark chocolate and red wine. Neither are good for my Slimming World targets. Its only for 7 days.

This sums it up

Eating Because You Can

We eat to survive. We eat to be healthy. We eat to sustain us. Sometimes we have busy schedules and need to eat a lot. Sometimes we eat because we don’t know when the next meal is coming. Eating just for the hell of it. Is another thing. Constantly shoving food in your face just because you can. It puzzles me. Is it really because there still hungry? Do they do it for personal reasons? I understand if it’s for personal reasons. But I do not understand is why they just eat and eat because they want to. Food is plentiful. But do we need to eat it because its there.